Xiaomi Mijia Desktop Electric Heater 600w in Bangladesh

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General Information

Power Method220V
Rated power600W



Xiaomi Mijia Desktop Electric Heater 600W PTC Heating in Bangladesh


Mijia desktop 600w electric heater is built with PTC ceramic heating material so the heater becomes hot when it is turned on. Mijia 600W heater has a double safety protection system so it is very safe and stable.




Technical Specification of Xiaomi Mijia Desktop Electric Heater


Name: Xiaomi Mijia 600W PTC Heating Desktop Electric Heater

Model: ZMNFJ01YM

Heating Method: PTC Heating

Shell Material: ABS

Rated Voltage: 220V

Rated Frequency: 50Hz

Rated Power: 600W

What is the price of the Xiaomi Mijia Desktop Electric Heater 600W in Bangladesh?


The latest price of the Xiaomi Mijia 600W Desktop Electric Heater in Bangladesh is ৳4150. You can buy the XIAOMI MIJIA Desktop Electric Heater 600W at the best price from our Motion View website or visit our store countrywide.



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