Kieslect Kr Calling Smart Watch in Bangladesh

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General Information

Watch Size45.7mm x12.1mm
Dial ShapeRound
Display Size1.32”
Display TypeSemi-Amoled
Sports Modes70+ Sports modes
Waterproof Level/GradePool Swimming, IP68
Calling FeaturesYes
Model NoKr Calling smartwatch
APP NameGloryfit



Kieslect KR Calling Smart Watch in Bangladesh

 Bluetooth Phone Calls |  Smart Voice Assistant

Heart Rate Monitor |  Password Protection |  70 Workout Modes



3rd 2-in-1 Core Calling Chip in The World

More Powerful Than Ever


The Kieslect Kr smartwatch features a powerful chip with dual functions of Bluetooth data transmission and Bluetooth voice transmission, it is the world’s 3rd 2-in-1 Core Calling Chip powerful chip coming out only after Apple and Samsung.

Because of the single chip, the power consumption is 30% lower than that of the dual chip, which makes the Kieslect Kr Calling Watch comparable to the top 10 thin calling watches. It provides you with a fast, stable, and energy-saving smartwatch calling experience.


70 Workout Modes


Kieslect Kr has built-in 70 sports modes, covering daily and professional sports categories, including walking, running, cycling, swimming, outdoor, indoor, dancing, fighting, ball games, ice and snow and other 10 sports categories.

Provides multiple sports-related data to meet the extensive needs of different sports groups. Note: See the bottom of the details page for all 70 sports modes.


Sleep Monitoring

Monitors your sleep 24-hour and provides detailed reports on deep sleep and light sleep to help you find out what is going on during your sleep.

Blood Oxygen Measurement

Blood oxygen saturation (SpO2) level indicates the amount of oxygen in the blood. Get an SpO2 measurement at anytime and anywhere for a peace of mind. It supports continuous SpO2 tracking during sleep.


Female Health

Record your monthly period and receive useful reminders beforehand.



24-Hour Heart Rate Tracking

Built-in high-precision PPG sensor will track your heart rate 24 hours a day and sends an alert when an abnormal heart rate is detected.



Stress Monitoring

Continuous stress monitoring helps you achieve a better work-life balance.

Bluetooth Phone Calls


The Kieslect Kr has a stable calling feature via Bluetooth to ensure that you never miss important phone calls.  A waterproof microphone and speaker will make it easy to allow phone calls on the watch when it is difficult to pick up your mobile phone.


1.32” Semi-Amoled 360*360 Pixel

Kieslect Kr comes with a 1.32-inch bigger, clearer display with 360*360 pixel resolution. This display offers you a colorful and smooth viewing experience.


70 Workout Modes

Kieslect Kr has built-in 70 sports modes. It will cover daily and professional sports categories, including walking, running, cycling, swimming, outdoor, indoor, dancing, fighting, ball games, ice and snow, and the other 10 sports categories. It will help you to keep fit as well as to keep an eye fitness record.  

Built-in Games

Kr watch has 2 built-in games, Numbers Klotski and Brid Game. Relax yourself and make daily life more interesting at any time & anywhere.




Technical Specifications of Kieslect KR



Colors: Black
Dimensions: 45.7mm x12.1mm
Body Material: Metal
Buttons: 2
Water Resistance: Pool Swimming, IP68



Material: Semi-Amoled
Size: 1.32”
Resolution: 360×360
Touch Screen: 2.5D High Hardness Glass


Battery Capacity: 280mAh
Charging Method: Magnetic Charging
Theoretical Charging Duration: Approx.2 Hours
Typical Usage Scenario Battery Life: Up to 3 Days
Heavy Usage Scenario Battery Life: Up to 2 Days
Battery Saver Mode Battery Life: 9.2 Days



Heart Rate Sensor: VC32S
Vibrator: Support
Language: 18
Sports Modes: 70


What is the price of the Kieslect KR Calling Smart Watch in Bangladesh?


The latest price of Kieslect KR Calling Smartwatch in Bangladesh is ৳4490 Tk. You can buy the Kieslect KR in Bangladesh at the best price from Motion View  website / App or Outlets countrywide.  You can avail of home or office delivery or pickup directly from us.



Disclaimer: Motion View is the official distributor of Kieslect in Bangladesh. The product information provided herein is from kieslect site for informational purposes.


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