Samsung Galaxy Buds2 Pro in Bangladesh

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General Information

Model NoSamsung Galaxy Buds2 Pro
Type Of HeadphoneBuds
Playback TimeUp to 5hours (ANC on) - Up to 8hours (ANC off)
Speakers24-bit Hi-Fi
Special Features+ 3 High SNR Microphones
Waterproof Level/GradeIPX7
Battery capacity58mAh (earbuds),
Battery500mAh (charging case)


Samsung Galaxy Buds2 Pro in Bangladesh



Walk away from your Galaxy Buds2 Pro and the integrated alarm is ready to let you know — your phone will send you a notification so that you don't accidentally leave them behind.



Three Galaxy Buds2 Pro devices are lined up. The Bora Purple Galaxy Buds2 Pro device in the front has two earbuds hovering above the closed case. The middle White closed case is followed by a closed Graphite Galaxy Buds2 Pro case.


The clear choice for quality sound


A woman enjoying herself while DJing at a party with Buds2 Pro in her left ear.


Hear sound
as it was intended,


2-way speakers
for wide frequency response Woofer
delivers deeper bass Tweeter
produces crisp treble


A purple Galaxy Z Flip 4 device on the left and a Galaxy Buds2 Pro earbud in the same color on the right.



Every note sounds like the real thing because clear audio starts at the source with your favorite Samsung Galaxy device. The updated Samsung Seamless Codec encodes the full 24-bit audio to decode on the Galaxy Buds2 Pro, maintaining that same 24-bit high-quality sound. 



Active Noise Canceling (ANC) is better than ever.With 3 high SNR (Signal-to-Noise Ratio) microphones, the Galaxy Buds2 Pro tracks and eliminates more outside sound — even soft sounds like wind.

















Two women laughing and having a conversation while facing each other. The woman on the right has a Buds2 Pro in her left ear.


Simply start talking and Voice Detect will turn off ANC and activate Ambient sound — allowing you to clearly hear the conversation without removing your Galaxy Buds2 Pro. 



With intelligent 360 Audio, the sound feels more realistic. The 360 Audio with Direct Multi-channel (5.1ch / 7.1ch), Dolby Atmos® and enhanced head tracking make every movement stay in sync — creating an immersive experience. 360 Audio can even pinpoint the direction of the sound as you move your head, giving you a spatial experience. 


A young man holding his Galaxy Z Flip4 with the Galaxy Buds2 Pro in his ears is recording a moment using 360 Audio Recording.


Now with just your smartphone and Galaxy Buds2 Pro, you can capture more precise sound. Turn on 360 Audio Recording so when your friends play your videos back, the hyper-realistic 360 sound will immerse them right into the action.


Two people lying next to each other on the ground. The guy on the left positioned upside down is facing the girl on the right, while the girl on the right is left side up with both their heads next to each other. Both are joyfully having a conversation with a Buds2 Pro in their ear. Both people also have a Watch5 on their wrists.


Auto Switch on Samsung Galaxy Buds2 Pro intelligently detects mobile activity and seamlessly shifts its connection to your Samsung Galaxy phone, tablet and watch.

Switching to answer the phone works even when you're connected to a Samsung TV. Once the Galaxy Buds2 Pro are connected to the Samsung TV via Bluetooth, there is no need to take the earbuds out to answer the phone. Incoming calls can be answered simply by tapping the Galaxy Buds2 Pro twice.



Enjoy a comfortable fit, thanks to the ergonomically designed earbuds. Enhanced wind flow technology helps reduce ear canal pressure and minimizes noise — for comfort and clarity. 



Both the earbuds and cradle are available in a range of premium colors. Each bud is polished to a high gloss with a matte interior that feels soft against your skin.






  1. Samsung Galaxy device with One UI version 4.0 or higher is required.
  2. 24-bit audio support may vary depending on the application.
  3. Requires Voice Detect function to be turned on under settings on the Galaxy Wearable application.
  4. 360 Audio available only on Samsung Galaxy smartphones and tablets with Android One UI version 3.1 or later.
  5. Enhanced head tracking and Direct Multi-channel is supported with Android One UI version 4.1.1 or later. 360 Audio and head tracking support may vary depending on the application and content.
  6. Auto Switch feature only available on Samsung Galaxy smartphones and tablets with One UI 3.1 or later and Galaxy Watch4 series or later. Samsung Galaxy devices must be logged in to Samsung Account to enable Auto Switch feature. Auto Switch feature for Samsung TV is only available on Samsung TVs launched Feb ’22 or later after getting a firmware update from Jul ’22. Autoswitch with TV is only available for making and receiving phone calls.
  7. When the battery runs out, it tracks based on the last connected location.
  8. The SmartThings Find application is only available on Samsung Galaxy devices with Android 8 or later.
  9. SmartThing Find is not supported in China.
  10. To receive notification from SmartThings Find, you must turn on the notification under settings.
  11. 15% size reduction is compared to the Galaxy Buds Pro based on size volume. Ear tips size can be adjusted to increase comfort.
  12. Available colors may vary by country, region, or carrier.
  13. Earbuds provide up to 5hrs of play time with ANC on, while the case provides up to 18 hours of battery life when the case and earbuds are charged to 100%. Based on internal testing. Audio playback time tested by pairing a pre-production Galaxy Buds2 Pro to a recently released Galaxy smartphone with default settings including ANC on. Actual battery life may vary and depend on usage conditions, settings, number of times charged, Bluetooth signal strength, and other factors.
    *'Default setting' refers to the original setting for the Galaxy Buds2 Pro when it was first released, simply with the power turned on.
    *'Play time' refers to when the Galaxy Buds2 Pro are connected to the phone, streaming music.
  14. Play time may vary based on settings.
  15. The typical capacity has been tested under third party laboratory conditions. The typical capacity is the estimated average capacity considering the deviation in battery capacity among the battery samples tested under the IEC 61960-3 standard. The rated capacity is 58mAh (earbuds), 500mAh (charging case). Actual battery life may vary depending on the network environment, usage patterns, and other factors.
  16. Some devices, especially those that are not tested or approved by the Bluetooth SIG, may be incompatible with the earbuds. LE audio will be available later this year.
  17. IPX7 is based on laboratory test conditions for submersion in up to 1 meter of fresh water for up to 30 minutes.
  18. Not advised for beach or pool use. Charging case is not water resistant. If the earbuds are damaged, they are not guaranteed to be water resistant. If the earbuds or your hands are wet, they must be dried thoroughly prior to handling or placing into the charging case. If placed into the charging case without drying, the earbuds may be damaged.
  19. Bixby service availability may vary depending on country; Bixby recognizes selected languages and certain accents/dialects; Samsung Account log-in and data network connection (Wi-Fi or data network) required.
  20. IPX2 is based on laboratory test conditions for water is sprayed at 15° angle or less.


Specification Samsung Galaxy Buds2 Pro


Sound quality

24-bit Hi-Fi

Voice Detect

Ambient sound

2-way speaker

360 audio

+ Support direct Multi-channel



+ 3 High SNR Microphones


Water Resistance



Bluetooth ver.



SmartThings Find

+ With/without case


Play time

Up to 5hours (ANC on)
Up to 8hours (ANC off)

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